Cairngorm 100
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1) Will entering the CG100 effect my ability to ride FEI events afterwards?

Answer–To clarify, the rule only applies to events and/or competitions that are not in the FEI calendar (i.e. international events not approved by the FEI) and to national events that are not authorised by the National Federation. This means that the FEI will rely on the NFs to bring any national or local events that it has concerns about to the FEI’s attention. The FEI will not on its own initiative look for or police national events to determine whether or not they are authorised. Therefore, local events do not come within the scope of this rule so long as the NF does not expressly object to them.

2) Will there be accommodation and corralling available at the start and finish?

There will be hotel, bunkhouse and camping at Glen Clova. Camping and Bunkhouse accommodation at Nethy Bridge.  Also a list of suitable hotels and B&B’s. We will  have temporary stables and corralling at the start and the finish.

3) What are the vetting procedures?

These will be very similar to any other long distance endurance ride, i.e trot ups ,to check limb soundness and heart rates 64 or below. Metabolics will also be checked. We have an experienced group of endurance vets who will be on course during the whole weekend. Similar to Teviscup , we will also be having 3 x 1 hour mandatory rest periods, for horse and rider, as well as a number of “trot throughs” as part of our vetting procedures. Full details of vetting procedures will be included in the pre ride information pack.The important thing to remember is the CG100 is NOT a race, so any rest period is the minimum, not the maximum—if riders feel they need to take longer at any particular hold then they can—although keeping in mind 100 miles to be achieved in 24 hours!

4) How often will my crew be able to see me?

Due to the nature of the terrain in the Cairngorms, they will not be able to see you at some vet gates or trot throughs, however, we will have helpers available for you. They will have food and drinks for you and horse. Also, the crews will be able to see you at various locations when you get closer to a tarmac road.

5) What time is the start, and will I be riding in the dark?

Start time is 4am for the 100 mile on the 8th July, and in the far north of Scotland it will be light at that time, so you will be riding into the light. Slower riders will be finishing in the dark so will all riders will need to have good head torches. The 50 miler will start around late morning, so you will have the full light of day, however it would be wise to carry a head torch.