2019 entry form is for budget only and the 2021 entry form will be added once final costs are confirmed

Caple Burn Crossing
Photograph by Kenny McArthur 2017


CAIRNGORM 100, 75 and 50 miles

Ride date: Saturday 3rd July


Entries will be considered from riders and horses that have successfully completed 2 rides of 50 miles (80k) or above within a day, as a member of a recognised National or International Endurance Association, preferably but not necessarily as a combination, with 1x 80k in a day ideally being completed within the previous 12 months. The 50 mile class horses must have completed a 50 mile (80 km) within the previous 12 months.

Long distance, i.e. in excess of 120k, multi-day endurance rides having been completed successfully within previous 12 months will also be considered.

Entries will also be considered from any horse /rider combination who are not affiliated to any endurance association, if they can prove they have suitable long-distance riding experience.

Horse must be a minimum of 7 years of age on 1 January 2019.

Riders under 18 years of age will only be considered if accompanied by a suitably qualified adult and at the discretion of the organising committee.

For the welfare of the horse it is a condition of entry that horses must be shod (and preferably padded) or be wearing protective footwear such as Easyboot Gloves or Glue-on, both of which have been successfully used in previous years.

Compliance with the entry criteria does not guarantee acceptance to the ride. Confirmation of your accepted entry will be sent to you after being reviewed by the organising panel, which includes an experienced endurance vet. Their decision regarding entry will be final.



All riders must:

·         Wear a certified helmet throughout the ride while mounted which may be removed when walking or tailing.

·         Have a good knowledge of map reading and riding in hilly terrain.

·         Carry all weather clothing, first aid equipment and a spare hoof boot suitably sized for both front and back feet.

·         Accompany their horse at all vettings and abide by the vetting protocol.

·         Agree to adhere to the ride rules, decisions and instructions of the Ride Marshalls and Vets.



The Cairngorm 100 is a linear route starting at Glen Clova and finishing at Nethy Bridge. There will be elevator options for 50 and 75 miles. The Cairngorm 50 is also a linear route starting at Mar Lodge near Braemar and follows the same route as the 100 miles class to the finish at Nethy Bridge.

The route takes riders into open and at times hostile country. For the most part the ride follows well defined tracks and trails and where the route deviates from a defined track where possible it will be clearly marked. It is essential that riders stay on the route and are aware of their location either by map reading or by GPS locator. Where the route is lost the rider should retrace their steps to the last marker and find the correct route. They should not attempt to cut back on to the correct trail by going across country, the bogs in some areas are very dangerous and need to be avoided at all costs.

There will be cut off times for each of the Vet Gates and some of the check points and where it is identified that a rider’s average speed would not allow them to reach the finish within 24 hours of their start time they will be required to stop. If, however, the rider can prove to the satisfaction of the Ride Marshall that the delay is due to a navigational error or such like and not due to a low average speed, they may be allowed to continue at the Ride Marshall’s discretion. A check will then be made at the next Vet Gate to confirm the decision.

There will be a compulsory pre-ride briefing to be attended by the rider and at least one of their crew. Failure to attend will disqualify the rider and they will not be allowed to start.




On receipt of your entry you will receive an email confirming receipt which is not acceptance of your entry. Shortly afterwards you should receive confirmation of acceptance of your entry, if appropriate, to allow you time to plan.

Following this you will receive an entry pack which will provide detailed information on the route, crewing locations, and minimum equipment details. There will also be details of the vetting procedures and general ride protocol. Much of this info will also be available on the ride website.


We are planning a presentation dinner and get together at The Nethy Bridge Hotel on the Sunday evening, 7th July. The 3-course meal will cost £25 per person and a choice menu will be offered nearer the ride date.



The start for the 100 ride will be at Glen Clova Hotel in Glen Clova, one of the Angus glens, where there is a hotel and self-catering lodge style accommodation available. We have also booked the recently refurbished Steading where there are a number of rooms still available. These will be allocated on a first come basis by e-mailing Penny. Payment will be made directly to the Glen Clova hotel.

At Nethy Bridge we have some cheap accommodation in the Nethy Station bunkhouse which can accommodate 20+ at a cost of £20 per person per night. Towels are not provided. If you require bedding at Nethy Station there is a cost of £5 per pack; however, sleeping bags can be used providing they are clean.

Alternatively, there is the Nethy Bridge Hotel where we will be holding our presentation dinner and some B&B accommodation in the area.

Camping will be available at both the start and finish at £10 per night per tent; riders sleeping on site in their horse boxes will be charged the same rate of £10 per vehicle.

Corralling is £5 per night per horse at Glen Clova and £10 per night per horse at Nethy Bridge. If you have booked stabling, this is included in the stabling cost.

Riders planning to do the 50 mile ride are advised to corral at Mar Lodge, Braemar, where there is secure corralling, camping and some bunkhouse accommodation at £20 per bed per night, which can be booked through Penny. Braemar has a number of hotels and B&Bs at a reasonable price. The cost for camping at Mar is £5 per person and corralling is £12 per horse per night which can be booked through Penny but is paid directly to Mar Lodge.

The entry fee for the ride is  £150 for the Cairngorm 100 and 75 mile elevator, £100 for the 50 mile. This fee includes a beautiful Celtic design Cairngorm 100 belt buckle for those who complete and pass the final vetting at the end of the 100 miles, or the “Half Way There” buckle for any rider passing the 50 mile point.

There will be a limited number of stables at the start at Glen Clova and also the finish at Nethy Bridge. These again will be allocated on a first come basis.  A charge of £70 per stable will be charged for the 2 nights at Glen Clova and £80 at Nethy Bridge. With the unpredictability of the weather in the mountains even in July, we would advise that you take advantage of this facility.

We will also provide contact details for assistance to international entrants. We have Dutch and German speaking members on the team who are happy to assist with entries, travel and accommodation arrangements etc.


International and national endurance riding association riders: please enclose a photocopy of your ride master card showing your qualifying rides.

Riders who are not members of a national or international endurance riding association: please enclose proof of your and your horse’s long distance riding experience; alternatively contact us and we can discuss the matter.