Funding for the CG 100


Funding a ride like the Cairngorm 100 would be difficult if not impossible by rider entry fees alone and getting financial assistance for a ride with a small entry list is almost impossible.


Running a linier route across the Cairngorm mountains with eight vetting checks is no cheap matter, needing three or four times the number of helpers required to run a normal 160 km national endurance ride. In addition, because of the time scales we need to provide accommodation for the early and late start and finish and feed the teams throughout the day.


This year is no exception and would not have been possible without the efforts and donation of a few dedicated enthusiasts and our previous years trail riders.  The 2020 trail ride was cancelled because of Covid and in all probability so will the 2021 trail ride, so funds will be tight this year.


Leovet will be providing rider packs for all of the riders, containing what is probably the only effective repellent against not only ticks but any of the other insect that can make life generally unpleasant when in the mountains at this time of the year, Phaser insect repellent and Cellsius leg cooling Gel which I’m reliably told by a former CG100 winner as “doing the job”

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Thanks also to Heilan Loos for the Tomintoul freeby, I’m sure all of the riders and crews will all be most relieved for your contribution.


Thanks to you all.