As with any event of this kind it can only take place with helpers who are prepared to give up their precious time.

The CG100 takes much longer than most rides being a 24 hour ride and a linier route across the Cairngorm National Park, we require many more helpers to make it success.  The hours are generally long but you will be involved in helping riders and horses take part in this unique event and help riders to achieve something special!

We will require:

  • Vet writers

  • Timekeepers

  • Markers and de-markers

  • Marshalls

  • Helps at vet gates and “trot throughs”

  • Help at the accommodation

  • Food and drink for helpers

I’m sure there are more to add to the above list, and if you think you can do anything at all then please PM the Facebook page (Cairngorm 100) or email Clive on
If you just want to come along over the weekend to encourage the helpers with a smile that’s also fine, they may be tired!