Ride date for the 2021 Cairngorm 100 of Saturday 3rd July

The Cairngorm 100 Endurance Ride is a bi-annual point to point race across the stunning scenery of the Cairngorm National Park.

The present Covid situation has required us to rethink our classes and distances for the ride and in 2021 there will now be three distance classes in the Cairngorm 100 event, These are 70 mile, 50 mile and 25 mile class. We have also changed our entry requirement for each of the classes. For this information, please go to the Entry page of the website.

The route has many challenges along the way and calls for riders to have the ability to navigate and manage both themselves and their horses for long stretches, without assistance, in real wilderness country.

For safety, riders are tracked throughout the route using a GPS tracking device which can also be viewed on-line by spectators as the ride progresses. Horses are vetted in line with recognised National and International standards at regular intervals throughout the ride, however, in the remoter areas these checks will be carried out without crew assistance, but with the support of the organising team.

The winner of the 70 mile class is not necessarily the first past the post. The Overall Winner Award is based on horse management throughout the ride. Points are given for the metabolic condition of the horse at each vet check and the time taken to present to the vet. The Overall Winner is chosen by a combination of the highest veterinary score, plus points for the final arrival place. However, this is a race ride, and the ‘First Past the Post’ will be recognised at the award ceremony.

Should the Covid 19 restrictions allow the ride to go ahead, the date for the 2021 CG100 ride has now been fixed for the 3rd July.  Starting once again at the Glen Clova Hotel, at the head of Glen Clova, one of the Angus Glens north of Dundee and is planned to finish once again at Nethy Bridge, in the north of the Cairngorm National Park.


The classes for 2021 will be the 70 and 50 mile starting at Glen Clova with a time allowance of 18 hours and 12 hours respectively. The 25 mile class can start either at Glen Clova or Tomintoul.

If you choose to enter this ride it will certainly test your horse management, stamina, and navigational skills all with crewing assistance allowed only at Vet Gates. You will have breath-taking views while crossing the magnificent wilderness of the Cairngorm mountains and Britain’s largest National Park.

If you are interested in taking Part in the 2021 year event send an email to:

Penny at [email protected]


For general enquiries please address these to:

Clive at [email protected]